Software Engineer

  • 2 years of experience in mobile game back end engineering
  • 1 years of experience in android graphics engineer (e.g. VR)

Passionate about designing mobile game/service, solving scalability problem, and building web application.

Also interested in machine learning, data analysis.


Devsisters Corp.

Devsisters is the game company in Korea, well known for "Cookie Run for Kakao" and "Line Cookierun".

  • Cookierun 2: Lead Server Developer
  • Line Cookierun: Server Technical Lead, Product Manager
  • Design & Architect & Develop global user ranking system
  • Design & Architect & Develop scheduled bulk push system
  • Improve monitoring system with Graphite and statsD
  • Working on Standalone QUIC library (
  • Resource download network i/o load balancing
  • Have experience with Hadoop and Scalding.
  • Tech stack: Java, Spring, Python, Django, MySQL, Couchbase, Hadoop, Scalding, Spark, Golang, Docker

FXGear Inc.

FXGear is the computer graphics company in Korea.

  • VR game, application (android)
  • VR developer platform (android)
  • Fluid Dynamics Simluation in Android
  • Realistic Paper Simulation in Android
  • Tech stack: C++, Java, Android NDK, OpenGL


Frograms makes Watcha!

  • Maintain Watcha & add features
  • Develop Facebook Application (simple game)
  • Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS


  • GAM201: Cloud Gaming Architectures from Mobile to Social to MMO (AWS Re:Invent 2015) slide youtube


  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Techonology (2009.2 ~ present)
    • B. S. Candidate in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Also Majoring in Mathematical Science
    • Also Majoring in Computer Science
  • Seoul Science High School (2007.3 ~ 2009.2)


  • IPSC2015 25th [1]
  • IPSC2013 17th [2]
  • K Cube Ventures Fellow Program 1st Prize