June 8, 2018

Software Engineer

  • 1 years of experience in machine learning area
  • 4 years of experience in game back-end service engineering
  • 1 years of experience in computer graphics area

Passionate for creating great values from cutting-edge technology, solving scalability problem, building web/mobile application, and solving real-world problem with machine-learning and data-science.



AITRICS is the machine learning healthcare company.

  • Head of Software Development
  • Develop several web/mobile application

Devsisters Corp.

Devsisters is the game company in Korea, well known for “Cookie Run for Kakao” and “Line Cookierun”.

  • Game publishing: Backend Team Lead
  • Cookierun 2: Backend Team Lead
  • Line Cookierun: Backend Team Lead
  • Cookierun For Kakao: Backend software engineer
  • Develop several game systems (e.g. ranking, push, billing, …)
  • Develop large-scale system and on-demand infrasturcture with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Develop monitoring dashaboard and alarm system with Datadog, Prometheus, Grpahite, etc.
  • Develop high-capacity log processing system with ELK and Kafka.
  • Develop balanced static resource distribution system among CDN provdiers.
  • Develop game operating tools with Django, Vue.js, React, Express.
  • Analysis bulk logs and build log dashboard with Hadoop, Spark.
  • Working on Standalone QUIC library
  • My 2015 AWS re:Invent presentation

FXGear Inc.

FXGear is the computer graphics company in Korea.

  • Android VR SDK and VR game samples with NDK and Unity(C#/Javascript).
  • Working on VR device with Samsung & Oculus with NDK.
  • Fluid dynamics in Android with NDK/OpenGL ES.
  • Paper simulation in Android with NDK/OpenGL ES.


  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Techonology (2009.2 ~ 2017.8)
    • B. S. Candidate in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Also Majoring in Mathematical Science
    • Also Majoring in Computer Science
  • Seoul Science High School (2007.3 ~ 2009.2)


  • IPSC2015 25th [1]
  • IPSC2013 17th [2]
  • K-Cube Ventures(Kakao Ventures) Fellow Program 1st Prize